Kino Fist: Apocalypse

Publication Date: 
Sun, 05/10/2008

Fanzine contents:
anticipatory, ordinary apocalypse by Michael Sayeau
threads by Carl Neville
after the earthquake but before the war by Feathers Knox
mediated apocalypses by Owen Hatherley
apocalypse where or when? an alchemical reading by Andrew Sharp
a personal apocalypse by Mark R. Hancock
functional apocalypses by Benjamin Noys
nucular by Matt Munday
demon on canal st. by Mia Wolff
• cries and whimpers by Boris Knezevic
inventory by Anwyn Crawford

Published in connection with Kino Fist: Apocalypse screening at E:ventGallery:
La Soufrière by Werner Herzog, (1977)
Threads by Mick Jackson, (1984)

Self-published by Kino Fist Collective, (2008)

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