Kino Fist: Fashion

Publication Date: 
Sun, 03/02/2008

Fanzine Contents:
• Elective Affinities: Liquid Sky and the Soviet Fantasy of Amerika by Owen Hatherley
On Hippies and Longhairs in the Capitalist World-System by Pasolini and Barthes
Dressed to Kill by Elizabeth Wilson
Going Forward Looking Back by Zach Campbell
Convolute B: Fashion by Benjamin on fashion
• The Subject and Kitsch: Costume as Language & Fashion as ‘Essential Forgetting’ by Boris Knezevic
Body War by Oliver Craner

Published in connection with Fashion screening at E:ventGallery:
Fashion, music video by David Bowie (1980)
Hare Conditioned by Chuck Jones (1945)
Liquid Sky by Slava Tsukerman (1982)

Self-published by Kino Fist Collective, (2008)

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