Kino Fist: Red Space

Publication Date: 
Tue, 15/07/2008

Fanzine contents:
What Happened to the Future? by Robert Barry
When the Earth is Colonised by Capital, what use is the Cosmos? by Nina Power
The Dialectics of Interplanetary Revolution by Time Fisken
• The Road to the Stars by Martin Gittins
Distant Planets, The Soviet Avant-Garde, in and out of Space by Owen Hatherley

Published in connection with Kino Fist: Red Space screening at E:ventGallery:
Inter-Planetary Revolution (Produced by State Techno Kino 1924)
Aelita by Yakov Protazanov (1924)
Ajapeegel by Jeremy Millar (2008)
Red Planet Mars by Harry Horner (1952)

Self-published by Kino Fist Collective, (2008)

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