Kino Fist: Work

Publication Date: 
Sun, 01/06/2008

Fanzine contents:
On Blue Collar by Carl Neville
Work and Non-Work, A short History of the Refusal of Work as a Revolutionary Strategy by Owen Hatherley
How to Exploit Oneself and Get Away With It by Nina Power
Le Sang de betes (Blood of the beasts), Georges Franju, 1949 by Anwyn Crawford
• In Front of the Camera, Behind the Commodity Fetish: Profaning the Cult of Work by Boris Knezevic
This Woman’s Work: Chantal Ackerman’s philosophy of work in Jeanne Dielman, 2 3 Quai de Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles by Dave McDougall
Money, Militancy, Pedagogy, Godard 1967-72 by Alberto Toscano

Published in connection with Kino Fist: Work screening at E:ventGallery:
British Sounds by Jean-Luc Godard (1969)
Blue Collar by Paul Schrader (1978)

Self-published by Kino Fist Collective, (2008)

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