Don’t worry, you can use Event Gallery for almost any type of gallery, it can be used as a gallery. So when you use it, events are considered folders where we can store our images, so we start with a component that displays the image of the event.
There are several options, you can link to a list of events or only to a single event, there is no nesting at all, all events are on the same level.
The event gallery can also be activated from the event manager or any other part of the website, e.g. from the event page or the main page.
There are several layouts that can be configured with components, global options and menu items. If you cannot find a way to configure the layout aspect, add a line of css or a custom CSS file to the template. So check the different tabs in the menu item to see different options for each.
This allows people to put the image in the shopping cart and buy it, simply mark the event as cartable and display the shopping cart as a component option. Cartenable: Simply display all components in the shopping cart with component options and mark events as “cartenable.”
The examples are available, so you can play with these options from the start, and the download can be found by opening the right column of the page now. escorts london
You can create a new event (also called album folder) in Joomla and use it as a component menu in the main menu. Select the menu item Event gallery and click on “Manage events” in the left column and select “Event gallery.”
The first time you save an event, a new button appears in the top toolbar of the main menu. Hard press it and you will see an empty list on the right side of the Joomla toolbar, right next to “Manage Events.”
If you want to select a specific image as the main image for your event album, click the “Show files” button at the top of the event gallery. You can use the desired image to mark it as the “main image” in the event gallery, just like any other event in Joomla.
The first Spring Fling raised more than $25,000 and the Young Leadership Committee held a networking event. We had a great time and raised money for a number of great causes, such as the Joomla Foundation, the YLCC and much more.
This was the third consecutive Young Leadership event to sell out, and it was a record – more than $450,000 for AHRC NYC. This was our second sold out event and the second year in a row that we sold more than 1,500 tickets for the YLCC Spring Fling.
Hundreds gathered for the annual Thurman Munson Awards Dinner, which raised more than $800,000 for the AHRC NYC Foundation. We hope that this day has exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2020! Over 100 people gather for drinks and fun and help raise $8,000 for AHRCNYC. More than 200 participants in the annual YLCC Spring Fling, more than 100 people meet for drinking pleasure.